Culturelle® Products for Infants

Set the foundation for a lifetime of strong growth and development with the safe and natural ingredients in Culturelle®*

Support for the infant’s developing microbiota during a crucial time*

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A baby’s first two years are a critical time of development. Trust your infant patients’ developing digestive and immune systems with safe and gentle baby probiotics from the #1 Pediatrician recommended probiotic brand.*


Why Recommend

  • Contains 1.5 billion CFUs of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG®) and 500 million CFUs of Bifidobacterium (BB-12)
  • Formulated with calming chamomile
  • Easy-to-use drops can be dispensed right into breast milk, formula, drinks, or food


Why Recommend

  • Works naturally with a baby’s body to support digestion*
  • Helps promote the development of a healthy immune system*
  • Supplements good bacteria found in breast milk*


Why Recommend

  • Supports a healthy digestive system for better nutrient absorption*
  • Supplements healthy bacteria found in breastmilk*
  • Support baby’s immune system*